Month: February 2008

conversation about creativity

I was having a conversation with a colleague about creativity and the creative process, about how there can be a long gestation period before ideas come to fruition, and in some cases it seem to be a time when nothing happens. A lot of creatives call this “the blank page”, I sometimes feel it as a brick wall, because when it breaks down, it really feels like a breakthrough. I am lucky enough to be working through a period of breakthrough, and work, and concepts seems to flow freely and easily. That is not to say that everything else to do with work goes the same way, admin etc etc. Depending on the field in which you work, eg, visual arts, music, film, it occurs to me that the creative process is pretty similar, just different outcomes, but, is it the same for both sexes?Hmmmmmmmmmm I suppose that one thing nearly all people working within the arts have in common is usually being alone whilst working, and thats probably on the whole a good thing given the artistic temperament