Month: September 2009

Just another day in the life of……

This week has been about finishing off work and getting ready for exhibiting, its all the tedious jobs like edges and backs, titles and labels et al.Oh! I nearly forgot, I did have a bit of a strop and took the hammer to a piece of work that wasnt working, yes a real hammer and a real piece, it was very satisfying.It is important however that creative work of some kind continues,this is when I tend to try stuff out, like materials, techniques, just playing around,fun time.

Moaning and groaning

When people visit your studio, and make comments such as “Oh, it must be so nice to be an artist”,I just wish that they could inhabit my shoes, on a week such as this one has been!I have succumbed to the art of procrastination,faced the terrors of the “blank sheet”, had the eureka! moment only to discover that the breakthrough was merely complete rubbish. Welcome one and all, to my world!! In mitigation, a couple of coffees with my friend and colleague, has now banished those blues and “Pollyanna!” is now back in residence, and I live to fight another day,……maybe?

creation spheres

All the time I have been working on “earth series” panels, I have been constructing a collection of spheres, which I am calling “creation spheres”, these objects have just evolved and have been created whilst waiting for paint to dry, or any other process that required a waiting time. I love them, and so am dedicating time to create a setting for them. I will try to find a way to upload images to this site, as I currently also blog on artists newsletter site and add images to that blog, it is so much better


Not a title for a new piece of work, but the outcome of my epic struggle with a panel that was just never going to work. What makes a piece of work, well, work! ¬†and then their is the piece that is just ‘not right’. I have struggled and struggled with this damn panel, and maybe that in its self should have told me something, work should flow but this one? it just jarred and couldnt be rescued. This latest happening marks the end of this particular series of panels, and now the work must shift to other ways and media to express the concept. The concept remains but I need to explore more, and to bring the work out and off the wall, and to become more 3d. The music that is being composed to acompany this work is progressing well, and should be ready for exhibition by November.