Month: January 2016

“to be happy we must not be too concerned with others” (Camus)

I have not as yet set foot in my studio and I am beginning to feel the itch to get cracking. All work so far has centered around admin, and I am hopeful that this afternoon will see me begin by doing preliminary sketches for new work.

continuing ebb and flow
continuing ebb and flow

As soon as I get anything down I will post images. Albert Camus, is an inspiration, and I would like to share this with you, he believed that instead of despising difficulty, we should embrace it, as it helps the mind to grow. That old chestnut I know, that adversity inspires creativity, but it’s a new year, lets just do it.

Very sad to hear about David Bowie’s sad death, an inspiration for us all. What a human!


Happy New Year & back to work

Happy New Year everyone, Hope you all had a great holiday, I know I did, which makes back to work a bit of a reality check. I start by making copious to do lists, but no resolutions, just, a get on with it attitude. Very often I am told how lucky I am to be an artist, people imagine that you spend most of your time in a creative Valhalla, but let me burst that bubble immediately, I adore the time I can just get on with my work, BUT, I also have to be an administrator, publicist, materials buyer, net worker……………………………………… goes on, and so for the next two weeks at least that is what I will be doing. I wish you all a peaceful and happy new year.