Month: May 2008

necessary evil

I have been organising publicity/promo literature and bumf, for myself for a coming art show,which I have to say does concentrate the mind, what images do I want, what do I want to say, how do I want to portray myself and my work. Good questions? They are a necessary evil, another job to be done that isnt doing your work. This is a task¬†where a dual personality is a definate bonus, one that looks from a business point of view and the other looks from an easthetic viewpoint. When gathering together this material a few calculated judgements have to be made, for example, a leaflet with images, with titles, prices? , and/or do I need to put an artists ‘statement’? The latter is a bone of contention with many “creative’s”, some like to have one with their work, whereas others absolutely hate them with a passion. I suppose I stand in the middle on this one, as I really loathe some of the really pretensious drivel that some people write, but sometimes find a few well chosen words can give an in, to some possibly complex works. I digress, I must continue with my own beautifully formed drive, so that I can get back in my shed!!! sorry, I meant studio, of course.