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Curating an exhibition

Its always brilliant to put up an exhibition, be it your own someone else’s or bringing together a joint  themed exhibition. The very next exhibition I will be putting up, is a “Christmas Bazaar”, for one week only 20th-26th Nov. I cant wait to dress a magical window, that will invite people to come inside and be tempted to buy unusual and unique gifts from a very gifted and select group of makers and artists.

Meanwhile, Autumns treasures are being collected and dipped ready to be fired for more work, including twigs (for a larger nest), acorns, berries, leaves et al. A great time of year, and my studio is brim full of dippings hanging from the roof to dry. Images later.

Ode to Creativity

I have just finished a very successful solo exhibition, it was two years lead up, creating new works, both 2D and 3D, it was an amazing 2 years, taking images and forms from out of my head and imagination, and transforming the nebulous into the concrete, it was sometimes painful sometimes boring and often joyous, hitting ‘the zone’ Ultimately it was my voice speaking in a visual language, hopefully connecting via thoughts and process.

You can see images, and follow my journey via my blog.

Gallery view

Gallery Views from Sam Scorer Gallery

exhibition 2017-5 exhibition 2017-6 exhibition 2017-7 exhibition 2017-9 exhibition 2017-10

Here are some images taken from my current exhibition at Sam Scorer.

Had an amazing evening event with Dan & Julien playing guitar & using electronic interface to produce amazing musical response to the changing earthscapes of my work.

paint and dirty fingernails

Work in progress
Work in progress

I was a mess, my studio a crash site, gesso coating my hands, and paint all over me, I hadn’t realised quite how much I like to physically get down and dirty with the materials, because I love smearing and rubbing in with my fingers. My studio is trashed, not an inch of space to put anything anywhere. I start a piece of work with a reasonably tidy space,  and then just go hell for leather, and because I use such a variety of stuff, materials, implements brushes etc, very quickly I have organised chaos. I have three panels in progress at the moment, all at various stages, so that when I am waiting for drying and setting time I can work on another piece, it also allows me to stand back from work to view with fresh eyes. Well, on reflection, there is no room to stand back!

Discontinued due to regulations

I am finding that a lot of artists and makers are bemoaning not being able to get the materials that they have previously used. In my case it applies to raw pigments, and varnish, and so age old techniques that were part of an artists palette can no longer be sourced. I know that we have to live in the world as it is today, but we are also losing something valuable. Paint used to be made up using real raw pigments, like for example Lapis lazuli, mix them with binders and fillers themselves and create their own paint, and I used to be able to buy all the materials I needed from artists supply stores, but now the word I fear most is discontinued! My most recent bereavement is polyurethane varnish, I could scream at the loss of it, apparently regulations are not allowing  the old recipe because of particulates, I have rung manufacturers and they agree that there are problems with the new recipe, but cannot help me with the problems I have now. Aaaaaaaah! 

july 28-2 My process requires a recipe using earth pigment, which I have to buy from Germany, and a varnish that is no longer made, the image is part of a layering process I have that requires build up of multiple layers. If anyone has old stock of polyurethane varnish I would be interested in taking it off your hands, seriously.

Groundhog day!

I regard my works as landscape, I think of my work as conceptual, contemporary, abstracted, post modern,………

I could go on and on and on…….  So how do you choose your box?, or do you just order a job lot from the wholesalers and do them all? I have a problem with that though , as there are not enough days, weeks, months, years! I look at an Earthscape, which is what I called them in one exhibition, but I also think they are equally metaphors for emotions as well, so am I saying that these images are open to interpretation? of course! Of course they are, so back to my dilemma, are they landscapes? conceptual…………oh  oh, groundhog day!

Hope or Despair
Hope or Despair

This is a drawing of sunlight pouring through a chasm, but is it hope? or despair, is your glass half full or half empty?