Month: May 2015

Fab day at Gallery

comIt has been a really great day at the gallery, lots of lovely people in, and lots of great feedback, which is what you need to keep you going during the tough times, when you scream at yourself, “what am I doing here?”  I think the word that exemplifies my thoughts at the moment is, I feel exonerated! For now. Iv’e spoken to a fair number of fellow artists who also go through the same agony of self doubt, and it is a common theme, and maybe it’s because a lot of the time we are working alone, and that is when the nagging voices of self doubt have a field day. A lovely day!

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Art world and multi tasking

As if creating a complete body of work is not enough, there then comes the admin, cataloging, label writing, blurb writing, and on and on and on, not to mention actually transporting work safely to gallery and putting up. Well I wont actually go on too much about skill sets as I actually damaged some work whilst setting up. Is it all worth it? yes I think so, it gets work out into a different setting and context, and then you have dialogue with observers of the work. Its good to see your creation in a setting with space around it, it inspires further thought and hopefully spurs you on. Images will be coming asap.

Putting up an exhibition

Putting up a solo exhibition has to be one of the most exhausting experiences, especially if you have very large heavy panels, it is at times like this that I wish my work was miniature!, however it isn’t and I had the misfortune of dropping one panel whilst setting up and breaking a corner. One of the solaces if you invigilate your own exhibition  is that you do get to meet and speak to some very interesting people. Sam Scorer Gallery is a lovely space in the heart of historic Lincoln, so enjoyable, and with a diversity of both locals and tourists. I have two weeks.


I have a new solo exhibition starting 25th May at Sam Scorer Gallery, Lincoln. It is called “Emergence”. From Creation to Emergence. Everything is in a state of being ….. formed! Emergence is what we take to be the concrete things around us, but nothing exists for ever, and therefore we are privileged to see the process of emerging forms from the nebula that is change, as a frozen moment in time. Form from chaos has fascinated philosophers, scientists, and artists from the beginnings of thought, and trying to carve an existence from changing sands is what has formed civilisation. Whatever we sense, is emerging from one state to another. This transient stage can be abrupt or seemingly endless, but the emergent forms obey the laws of the universe in the way of shape and structure, whether it is perceived as beautiful, alarming, ugly or awe inspiring, it simply IS.