2 thoughts on “glacial stream network

  1. Hello Jaq,

    It is Shirley Trumble, we met at the Sam Scorer Gallery yesterday. I was very interested in your work. I particularly liked the Botanic Fossilized Specimens, they are very intricate and delicate.

    Keith was at the studio today but Liz and Richard were having a day off. but I am sure he will be in touch once he has managed to have a chat with them. I do know they have a list if artist that are waiting for an exhibition, but I am sure they will be interested once they have seen your work. Good luck for the future and hope to see you one day in the Ropewalk Gallery Barton.

    1. Thank you Shirley,
      It was great to chat to you both, thank you for taking the trouble to contact me, and to check out the website.

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