subconscious and consciousness

I am struggling with my conceptual visualisation, I want to express how we all connect to our terrain, sometimes withour bodies sometimes with our feelings, consciously and subconsciously. The patterns of the earths creation is so woven into our psychie that we dont consciously always recognise them. An obvious exception I think is the Australian aboriginal people, and that is probably why all cultures can tune into it on a both a very deep intellectual level, or just like them for the colour and pattern. I feel very much in tune to those aboriginal works as I am sure that I also am tuning in to the integral harmony of the earths patterns in landscape. These natural circles, bands , stripes, curves, ribbons, cracks, swirls et al, have somehow also become part of our everyday life, used to decorate fabrics, ceramics, almost everything we surround ourselves with it has become part of our graphic language, our decorative language, but have somehow lost the original connection. However I am searching for my own connectivity, with landscape, my emotional connectivity.

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