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Hard Slog

Its a rainy Tuesday morning, and its a hard slog today, building up layers, and concentrating on getting textures and levels just right. These panels although inspired by a previous work, will of necessity be different, as each time you approach a piece, there are many things that come into play, including, the mood you’re in that day, how easy it is to pick up the flow of work, any interruptions, and even the weather. Over all i’m pleased with how things have gone today, so check out the images.

july 28                         july 28-2                          july28-3

These images show the panels with layers of texture being slowly built up, the brown is sand embedded into the still wet gesso. The first image shows the split between the two panels. This part of the build up requires a lot of faith, as the exciting part is adding colour, but if this isn’t right, then the panels wont work out.