To do list

At the start of the year, I compile a list of aims and objectives, and keep the list in full view by my desk, it acts as a prompt to either complete or initiate tasks, for example one thing on my list this year was to find out how to upload images to my website, and happily that has been accomplished, and strangely I have wizzed through other items on my list, to the extent that I need to re-assess, and re write my aims and objectives for this year. This year is also it seems set on being a paperwork admin sort of year, so I have to use the carrot and stick method to keep me from rebelling, by allotting a set time for admin, and then allowed freedom to work on the creative¬† stuff. I need to also keep in mind the essence of my concept, so I do this by looking back on images of work completed. I will show an image of a panel not on my website which is called “Terrain”, it shows the amazing undulations and formations in the desert.

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