on and on and on

I have just re-read my last blog, and I have to say that the work just continues. There is a saying, that something regarded as boring, can be said to be as boring as waiting for paint to dry, and alas this is somewhat similar to my situation now. I am still building up layers of gesso, and the entire panel is grey, wet grey, dry grey, textured grey, etc etc. Inbetween working on the panel I continue to create my gesso spheres, some can be called dribble spheres as the process is somewhat akin to dribbling, this also is a process of application and drying time, building up gradually layer by layer, and for someone of my personality, which can sometimes be impetuous, it is a lesson in time management and patience. I have also a private commission to work on, which takes me back a little to some previous work, with glass and wood, and it will be enjoyable to revisit, and also to re look and maybe extend this body of work. It is I think good practice every now and then to look back and take stock of the artistic journey that has been taken, and the choices made along the way. I thought back to what inspired me to work with glass, and why I chose to create kiln formed glass as opposed to blown glass, and although glass has very unique properties, such as translucency, and light reflection, it was still texture that had to be an intrinsic ellement. My kiln has not been used for a very long time now and I’m not even sure it will work when switched back on again, however after this body of work has been completed I am anxious to work with glass once again. Note to self “write that down on the to do list”.

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