That eureka moment, after the long rest!

I started work on my first large panel way back end of march, and came to a shuddering halt,knowing that I had gone as far as I could for then and that I had to rest it. This resting period can be over very quickly or can last a very long time, or may last for ever or until you overpaint or scrap. During this time I leave the piece is plain sight, so that I view it regularely during the course of my work, it is a kind of subconscious weighing up, and at some time hopefully, inspiration will come. I can now say that last friday during a long telephone conversation, during which time I could hardly get a word in edgewise, I had one such eureka moment. During the course of the very long diatribe ensuing on the phone, I was wandering around my studio, picking up this and that, and suddenly my problem with my panel was solved, it just popped into my head fully formed and ready to go. I quickly noted down what I had to do to resolve my panel issue, continued my phone call, and when it was concluded, set to work. I have to say, although still a work in progress, I am back in business and the panel progresses.Very satisfying indeed.

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