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Working at Sams

Wow! what a great experience, and a chance to meet people and talk about my work, art in general, and the gallery. It seems that Sam Scorer Gallery is part of the community, and people have woven Sams into their lives, several people say that visiting Sams is part of their routine. My term at Sams went on longer than expected, as our 1st exhibition fell through due to exhibitors illness. However, theres always a silver lining and I was able to continue for longer.

Great work space
so much space

New Work New Work

I’m back working on new work, back in the shed and loving being there! I am in the zone, and everywhere there is chaos, noise, and mess. I’ve mixed up my gesso, and panel primed and good to go. I have just re-worked a panel and will put up an image. I usually work on several panels at the same time, as their is a lot of drying and process time to factor in, so I can be finishing off one panel, be in the middle of another, and just drawing out another. The good point of working like this is that it gives your eyes a rest from constantly looking at one thing, and refreshes them.

Panel, reworked.
Panel, reworked.