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Working at Sams

Wow! what a great experience, and a chance to meet people and talk about my work, art in general, and the gallery. It seems that Sam Scorer Gallery is part of the community, and people have woven Sams into their lives, several people say that visiting Sams is part of their routine. My term at Sams went on longer than expected, as our 1st exhibition fell through due to exhibitors illness. However, theres always a silver lining and I was able to continue for longer.

Great work space
so much space

Artist in Residence

Artist in residency began at Sam Scorer Gallery 13th Jan, its been brilliant working in such a great place, lots of natural light, and  space. I have been working on  panels for an upcoming exhibition in Oct, called “Earth Inspired”. As usual panels in initial stages have to be worked on flat, as I am applying layers of texture in a semi fluid state, and because there is a lot of room, I can work on several panels at the same time.

1st application of texture

Curating an exhibition

Its always brilliant to put up an exhibition, be it your own someone else’s or bringing together a joint  themed exhibition. The very next exhibition I will be putting up, is a “Christmas Bazaar”, for one week only 20th-26th Nov. I cant wait to dress a magical window, that will invite people to come inside and be tempted to buy unusual and unique gifts from a very gifted and select group of makers and artists.

Meanwhile, Autumns treasures are being collected and dipped ready to be fired for more work, including twigs (for a larger nest), acorns, berries, leaves et al. A great time of year, and my studio is brim full of dippings hanging from the roof to dry. Images later.

Ode to Creativity

I have just finished a very successful solo exhibition, it was two years lead up, creating new works, both 2D and 3D, it was an amazing 2 years, taking images and forms from out of my head and imagination, and transforming the nebulous into the concrete, it was sometimes painful sometimes boring and often joyous, hitting ‘the zone’ Ultimately it was my voice speaking in a visual language, hopefully connecting via thoughts and process.

You can see images, and follow my journey via my blog.

Gallery view

Gallery Views from Sam Scorer Gallery

exhibition 2017-5 exhibition 2017-6 exhibition 2017-7 exhibition 2017-9 exhibition 2017-10

Here are some images taken from my current exhibition at Sam Scorer.

Had an amazing evening event with Dan & Julien playing guitar & using electronic interface to produce amazing musical response to the changing earthscapes of my work.

New Work New Work

I’m back working on new work, back in the shed and loving being there! I am in the zone, and everywhere there is chaos, noise, and mess. I’ve mixed up my gesso, and panel primed and good to go. I have just re-worked a panel and will put up an image. I usually work on several panels at the same time, as their is a lot of drying and process time to factor in, so I can be finishing off one panel, be in the middle of another, and just drawing out another. The good point of working like this is that it gives your eyes a rest from constantly looking at one thing, and refreshes them.

Panel, reworked.
Panel, reworked.


Field Work & Multi Tasking

My panels have now had all their layers of gesso completed, and set, and need to be sanded down ready for the next stage, but 1st I need to batten the back of the panels to ensure the strength of the panels as they are quite heavy now. Ideally I should have done this as 1st job, but has to be done now before the final stages of painting gilding and distressing.

Sanding down
Sanding down

I have been taking advantage of fine weather to collect specimens for my Jars. This time of year their are lots of fruits, berries and seeds that are interesting shapes.

collecting specimens
  collecting specimens