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Working in Red

Red Landscape

This work is called “Red Country”, a bit of a departure for me from my usual work. I have been inspired by the landscapes of Arizona, all shades of red, such an amazing place. Once again I play with texture and media to portray the geological wonders of our beautiful Earth. The panel is 2′ square.

Gallery Views from Sam Scorer Gallery

exhibition 2017-5 exhibition 2017-6 exhibition 2017-7 exhibition 2017-9 exhibition 2017-10

Here are some images taken from my current exhibition at Sam Scorer.

Had an amazing evening event with Dan & Julien playing guitar & using electronic interface to produce amazing musical response to the changing earthscapes of my work.

New Work New Work

I’m back working on new work, back in the shed and loving being there! I am in the zone, and everywhere there is chaos, noise, and mess. I’ve mixed up my gesso, and panel primed and good to go. I have just re-worked a panel and will put up an image. I usually work on several panels at the same time, as their is a lot of drying and process time to factor in, so I can be finishing off one panel, be in the middle of another, and just drawing out another. The good point of working like this is that it gives your eyes a rest from constantly looking at one thing, and refreshes them.

Panel, reworked.
Panel, reworked.


Coming to the end of a Commission

Still to finess
Still to finesse

I am on the final track, after lots of ups and downs, and it is quite scary to think that you will be losing something that you have obsessed about for a period of time. This body of work has grown from raw materials, wood, screws, glue, primer, pigment, varnish, dutch metal(schlag). I have repainted my under painting and gilding twice, lots of time waiting for process to dry, and worst of all, leaving to get your eyes reset from looking at the work too long. The panels are now in my sitting room, so that I can get new perspective on them. Still finessing and touching up. Image is quite dull but gives an idea.