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Curating an exhibition

Its always brilliant to put up an exhibition, be it your own someone else’s or bringing together a joint  themed exhibition. The very next exhibition I will be putting up, is a “Christmas Bazaar”, for one week only 20th-26th Nov. I cant wait to dress a magical window, that will invite people to come inside and be tempted to buy unusual and unique gifts from a very gifted and select group of makers and artists.

Meanwhile, Autumns treasures are being collected and dipped ready to be fired for more work, including twigs (for a larger nest), acorns, berries, leaves et al. A great time of year, and my studio is brim full of dippings hanging from the roof to dry. Images later.

Gallery Views from Sam Scorer Gallery

exhibition 2017-5 exhibition 2017-6 exhibition 2017-7 exhibition 2017-9 exhibition 2017-10

Here are some images taken from my current exhibition at Sam Scorer.

Had an amazing evening event with Dan & Julien playing guitar & using electronic interface to produce amazing musical response to the changing earthscapes of my work.

Exhibition 2017

I’m preparing for my latest solo exhibition, which will be at Sam Scorer Gallery, for two weeks, from July 3- 17th

I will be posting weekly updates with images and info, will also be posting images on instagram, so to find me there, look up       jacquelinemccaughern

Botanic fossilized specimens
Botanic fossilized specimens

Field Work & Multi Tasking

My panels have now had all their layers of gesso completed, and set, and need to be sanded down ready for the next stage, but 1st I need to batten the back of the panels to ensure the strength of the panels as they are quite heavy now. Ideally I should have done this as 1st job, but has to be done now before the final stages of painting gilding and distressing.

Sanding down
Sanding down

I have been taking advantage of fine weather to collect specimens for my Jars. This time of year their are lots of fruits, berries and seeds that are interesting shapes.

collecting specimens
  collecting specimens