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Gallery Views from Sam Scorer Gallery

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Here are some images taken from my current exhibition at Sam Scorer.

Had an amazing evening event with Dan & Julien playing guitar & using electronic interface to produce amazing musical response to the changing earthscapes of my work.

Fresh from the kiln

I have filled the kiln with flowers leaves and seaweed, dipped in porcelain paper clay slip and air dried, it is always a bit of a lottery what will survive, and this is the first time I’ve tried seaweed, bladder-wrack to be precise.

fresh from the kiln

most of the bladder-wrack survived, along with other pieces. These pieces are very fragile as they are only dipped once, if I dip twice I lose definition, which I want to keep. The fragility is also a metaphor for the fragility of life, and here I think of the coral reefs that are dead or dying, that have all their colour and life leached out of them, also the bleached bones and fossils, survivors of artifacts that lived once.