Month: October 2007

layering intensity, and drying times

When people view my work I often get asked, so how long will this take you? and the answer is, as long as it takes, and I am not being facetious, but processes take time, and especially if work has to dry out in between layers. I usually combat this by having several things on the go at the same time. At the moment I am building layers onto half spheres, but on others that have been cast, digging down and carving into, undercutting, I love this, and find the process  very meditative. My ideas seems to be flowing and it is difficult to keep up with it, but I am not complaining, long dark winter nights are here and the sofa, the fire, and the sketch book the ideal scenario to notate.

exciting stuff

I have been working on my gesso spheres all week, and I am very excited with how they are emerging, I have built up god knows how many layers, leaving each layer to set before applying the next, and finally  I have released them from their ‘molds’, and they stand in there own right. The possibilities are endless, however these little beauties are part of my earth series, and will continue in that vain. They are in their unadorned state at the moment, and I feel no rush to finish. My plaster spheres are still very rudimentry, but they need time to air dry, hmmm!!!!!

where are all the balls?

This may be a stupid question, but where are all the balls? I have been trying to buy some balls, I must add for casting, and it is almost impossible to get just ordinary smooth balls, I finally tracked some down in the stockroom of the early learning centre, and an absolute bargain, half price, because they are summer toys! My newly lit ‘shed’, has been tidied in parts that I never even knew existed since my new lighting, in preparation for Art on the map, so lets hope I get some new visitors.Thanks to Deryk for letting me loose in his workshop on wednesday, to set up for turning a wooden bowl for some three d pieces to accompany ‘earth series’.