Month: March 2011

Tectonic plates

Tectonic plates are very much in the news at the moment, and mostly for all the chaos their sudden and cataclysmic movement causes. My work looks at the effects of these shifts, and forces, and celebrates the amazing results’ for example, the fabulous folds of rocks in the Himalayas, the amazing contortions in the Grand Canyon, the birth of islands from volcano’s. The Earth is very much a dynamic and ever changing planet, and the forces of nature, make me feel humble in comparison.


comIt’s hard to come down from working on your creative vision, to having to think about, bank accounts and all the other stuff that goes with being self employed, and trying to find a balance. I tend to think of this “books and Bills” time as a kind of Hell that I have to survive before I can get on with the good stuff, at present I am resigned to having a miserable Monday, so bring it on, lets open the bank stuff and look at money out and money in(what money in?). OK that’s moan of the day, on a more positive note, I have reached the half way point in my current work, and of a hundred micro panels that I am making, I have completed 50. A really good thing about working small, is that if I get too crabby with admin, I can just pick up a panel and start work without to much trouble. I will show you a couple of my most recent pieces.