Month: January 2009

matters progress

Things are definately moving, if all goes according to plan I shall be moving in to my new studio beginning of march along with a long time friend and colleague. It will be exciting to be able to welcome students to my workshops in the new premises, so much work to be done to prepare etc. I have yet to decide on different workshops, almost certainly there will be Decorative Arts, as well as Design, Gesso, and Glass. Watch this space for further updates.


I have just got some work back from being framed, and I am very pleased with the result. Frames can totally change the appearence of the work, the trick is to select according to the subject, and where you ultimately expect to them to hang. The frame is like the full stop, the final step in the process. Frames can make statements about all manner of things, for example, they used to be huge heavy carved and gilded, ornate frames that were to be hung in places owned by the very wealthy and so had to fit in with their surroundings. A frame can make a cultural statement, or a fiscal statement, however today, a lot of paintings/panels are not framed at all, which is in its self a statement, perhaps of less formality or of a modern interior.As far as my work is concerned, I frame smaller pieces, but the larger panels of necessity stand on there own, unframed.

New studio, workshops & art classes

I have been looking at premises with a view to moving, giving me more space, and opportunity to begin regular workshops and art classes. It is an exciting prospect, and much time will be given to the setting up of all this. It is a geat beginning to 2009, and especially as there will be opportunity for professional collaborations, both in my own work, and hopefully with other art agencies. As I have often said, being an artist and working in a studio can be a very solitary, this move, when and if, will help to alleviate, that situation, heres to happy moves.

sorting through images

The new year finds me preparing my work for exhibition, sifting through drawings, selecting which work is to be framed, which are to be made into prints, leaflets and publicity material to be printed, and a million and one other things. I look forward to the new year, lots of exciting prospects, and a lot more work to be done. I have not touched glass for quite a while, it will be interesting to see where the muse takes me, and which materials I choose to work with, never a foregone conclusion. So I gues its a case of watch this space.