Month: January 2008

large panels are ok, but……

The panels I have been working on are appro 4′ X 3′, and so are quite unwieldy to move around, especially when finished, as the layers of gesso add a substantial amount to the overall weight. This is especially apparent when moving them around as I did today delivering to the Usher gallery. Also obviously they take up a lot of wall space, which I would imagine dosnt make me very popular when space is in short supply as at a group exhibition, however I dont think anyone chooses the size of their work it is the subject matter that dictates. Oh how I wish at these times that I was a water colourist.

good to be back

I am back at work with all heaters blasting away.I have just delighted my local diy store by buying copious amounts of varnish and primers and other necessary materials, woops there goes my bank balance again.I have 4 more panels to prep and then I can get started once more. My sphere’s are still experimental, and I want to push the prototypes as far as I can, I cant see them being ready for exhibition for quite a long time.I will take some photos and probably post some of them as they emerge from their embrionic stages. They vary in size, the smallest is tennis ball size and the largest so far large gym ball size. The largest size brings problems of management and weight.Interesting times!

back to work

I had a great xmas, but now its back to work. I am checking all my panels, making sure they all are finished, varnished, and labled ready for exhibiting. It is quite a quandry putting a title to a piece of work, and each one could have any number of titles,  I am fairly positive that I err on the side of boring but safe, I have a mind to rename them, although some would say “a rose by any other name…….” I have some new panels I want to start, but before I can begin comes the mind numbing prep, sanding, priming, batoning etc, however I can put on some very loud music and stomp around whilst going through the motions.