Month: October 2008

emotional content

I am considering the emotional responce that we have to our environment, landscape, terrain et al. How do these places make us feel, we use such expressions as “a glorious view, sunset, vista, why and how do they make us feel this way. Of course it is subjective, we talk about loving a landscape, what causes this love, and our undoubted preferences for, sea, mountains, or woods. Landscapes inspire poets to wax lyrical, and songs to be sung in praise, and as this emotional responce drives my work, I am thinking that I need to address this very particular ellement, watch this space.

running out of space

My latest creations are taking over my studio, and yet still they come, I am having to become more creative about drying times. It has been a long time since I last used my kiln and worked with glass, unfortunately, thats the problem you have when wanting to work with different media, I am beginning to think about glass again, so maybe the time is nigh, watch this space. However until then I continue with the forms, I gues until I completely run out of space.

holding my breath

I hold my breath so much when I am working, like a child sticking his tongue out to aid concentration, and then find that rather than die, there is a sudden exhalation.  I get so involved in process that however silly it sounds, remembering to breathe, is a problem. Working in my studio is like being in a bubble, and after an intence period of work it is sometimes quite a shock to lift up the head and connect with the outside world, and I suppose that is a problem for all creative lone workers. We are I guess happy in our own little world.