Month: October 2009

Illness and exhibitions

For a visual artist, I have to say that the preamble up to an exhibition is to say the least, tedious, I wish I had a PA! Getting together a press release, sending out invites, (in the midst of a postal strike), organising posters, flyers, and information for miscelanious people. Trying to do it on an overloaded computer, that just wants to go to bed, and does, in the midst of my fraught efforts to e-mail out. Finding out who is still in post, I just discovered that my City council have done away with the Arts Officer, the previous County Arts officer had been deleted, but there was a new one in post. Blah blah, and on top of all of that, I have had the dreaded whatever, not flu, but something akin, not enough for sympathy, but enough to make you feel bad and want to crawl under the duvet. So one more week to fine tune, all work packaged up and ready to go.