Month: October 2010

Getting a grip

I have determined to get to grips with adding more to my blog and an obvious improvement would be the addition of images. I have tried several times to upload images to no success, so by next week I am hoping to have these as a regular feature. Work at the moment is centered on making work to sell over the Christmas period, this brings up the dichotomy that most artists have about bread and butter work. What would Michelangelo have done? He worked for who ever paid him, is the answer, and as is documented, the relationship between him and his client was not always harmonious. I do not have any delusions of being Michelangelo, but I have similar stresses and demands, interesting that the more things change the more they stay the same.

Administration hell

I absolutely loathe having to do the administration side of stuff, for example, cataloging work, doing the books for the accountant, and endless other tasks. It is Monday morning and for all those people out there, who think it  would be lovely to be an artist, think again, here is a sample of my To Do list for this week. 1) Write an e-mail to send out to various selected galleries 2) Work out the approximate overall space that my current works would take for exhibition purposes. 3) List all exhibits, and accompanying material 4) Write my blog 5) Finish off and package work to go to Galleries 6)  Re-organize all my paperwork and publicity sheets I think thats enough for starters, keeping in mind that it is Monday morning! Oh for the will to carry on.

Earth scrolls

I have sourced some beautiful clear acrylic boxes for my earth scrolls, so that they can be viewed from all around, these boxes are custom made and will also  house the earth spheres. The scrolls have been created from the panel that I absolutely hated as a 2d work but is great for pulling out all the relief and texture I want for the scrolls. The hated panel, had taken three months to make, and had a lot of detail, so ideal for the purpose of the scrolls and makes me feel somewhat better for the three months spent making it, also, even though it doesn’t work as a large panel, I will check to see if it can translate to smaller works.