Abject Frustration

Geological Fantasy Landscape

“Journey Beyond” 2’x2′ raised gesso and acrylic paint on panel.

I am having to spend time on admin work, and I am suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous frustration.”Journey Beyond”, is my latest offering, but it is finished now and so on to the stuff I don’t like. I am amassing images to put on a new decorative arts website, it will be De Metham Decorative Arts.com a selling site, that’s if it doesn’t drive me mad, or cause a divorce! constructing websites is so not a logical process. I am going stir crazy, and need to get my hands dirty again.

Working in Red

Red Landscape

This work is called “Red Country”, a bit of a departure for me from my usual work. I have been inspired by the landscapes of Arizona, all shades of red, such an amazing place. Once again I play with texture and media to portray the geological wonders of our beautiful Earth. The panel is 2′ square.

2019 New Year New Work

Its a new year, hurrah, and time for new work. Over the years my passion for natural landscapes and forms, of geology, colour and texture, have ripened into a visual language. I owe a great debt to the imagery of NASA, and the amazing photography of people such as Bernhard Edmaier, for my inspiration, so a huge thanks to them. However, having now internalized the geographical formations, patterns, strata’s, they now erupt onto and into my work.

Untitled panel 1
work in progress

Contemporary landscapes in the Chapter House

Beautiful setting for contemporary landscapes

The gorgeous stones and carved columns of the Chapter House were a perfect setting for my landscapes, and the natural light flooding through the arched windows was a perfect light show , sometimes highlighting and sometimes shading.

Lincoln Cathedral Exhibition

Angel Display
Angels on panel
Chapter House Angel

Knowing I was going to exhibit in the Chapter House at Lincoln Cathedral, I made the decision, to make 8 site specific angels. All angels are slightly different, and Lincoln Cathedral stone carver, Paul Ellis, now has one in his home, very flattered that such a skilled master carver owns one of my angels. I will post more images of exhibition next time.

Exhibition countdown begins

My forthcoming exhibition

I have started the countdown to my forthcoming exhibition, all the prep, which encompasses publicity, putting out posters and sending out invites etc, finishing off work, price lists, and all the tedious stuff I really dislike. If I could just do my work i’d be a happy bunny, alas you just have to grin and bare it.

Final new panel for exhibition

Deep blue

This panel is not quite complete yet, but getting there, it will be my last panel for the Oct exhibition at Lincoln Cathedral. I will finish some 3D pieces, and then finalize framing of various pieces. I have now to design and print posters, flyers and invites, etc . Its not all fun being an artist, the IT work and admin is a real pain. Any offers?

Working towards solo exhibition

Abstracted Landscape

I continue with my Earth Series concept, injecting much more colour into my work. I find that I am working much more intuitively on my landscapes and allowing a subconscious element to participate. The rhythm and flow of the terrain, interacting with the rhythm and flow  as I apply the semi liquid gesso material to the prepared panel, invites a meditative connection between mind and body. During this stage I have to work flat, and it is a physical process of application. Next post I will drop in images of process.

Working at Sams

Wow! what a great experience, and a chance to meet people and talk about my work, art in general, and the gallery. It seems that Sam Scorer Gallery is part of the community, and people have woven Sams into their lives, several people say that visiting Sams is part of their routine. My term at Sams went on longer than expected, as our 1st exhibition fell through due to exhibitors illness. However, theres always a silver lining and I was able to continue for longer.

Great work space
so much space

Artist in Residence

Artist in residency began at Sam Scorer Gallery 13th Jan, its been brilliant working in such a great place, lots of natural light, and  space. I have been working on  panels for an upcoming exhibition in Oct, called “Earth Inspired”. As usual panels in initial stages have to be worked on flat, as I am applying layers of texture in a semi fluid state, and because there is a lot of room, I can work on several panels at the same time.

1st application of texture