art on the map

So, it is art on the map this coming weekend, and that of necessity means clean up the studio, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Whilst in the midst of work my studio is generally a chaotic mess, as it is at the moment. I have buckets, and jugs that have been used as recepticalls for all manner of things, plaster, sand, water, gesso, paper,et al. and my bench is a litter of paint tubes metal flakes, vinegar, and various instruments brushes and sticks. However I will grit my teeth and try to bring some sort of order into my chaos. To most people it would just like a mess, but to me it is creative bliss. How am I getting on with my sphere’s?, well all I can say at present is that is 2as to pear through a glass darkly”. More than that I cannot say, nor even if this work will see the light of day.

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