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Working at Sams

Wow! what a great experience, and a chance to meet people and talk about my work, art in general, and the gallery. It seems that Sam Scorer Gallery is part of the community, and people have woven Sams into their lives, several people say that visiting Sams is part of their routine. My term at Sams went on longer than expected, as our 1st exhibition fell through due to exhibitors illness. However, theres always a silver lining and I was able to continue for longer.

Great work space
so much space


Abstract Rocky Landscape
Abstract Rocky Landscape

This panel is a bit of a departure from my other work, I have tried to illustrate by texture the types of rock surface. I t is not finished yet but is well on the way. The title “Chasm” is self explanatory.

Below is a selection of close ups of texture detail. This is still a work in progress.

Field Work & Multi Tasking

My panels have now had all their layers of gesso completed, and set, and need to be sanded down ready for the next stage, but 1st I need to batten the back of the panels to ensure the strength of the panels as they are quite heavy now. Ideally I should have done this as 1st job, but has to be done now before the final stages of painting gilding and distressing.

Sanding down
Sanding down

I have been taking advantage of fine weather to collect specimens for my Jars. This time of year their are lots of fruits, berries and seeds that are interesting shapes.

collecting specimens
  collecting specimens


Hard Slog

Its a rainy Tuesday morning, and its a hard slog today, building up layers, and concentrating on getting textures and levels just right. These panels although inspired by a previous work, will of necessity be different, as each time you approach a piece, there are many things that come into play, including, the mood you’re in that day, how easy it is to pick up the flow of work, any interruptions, and even the weather. Over all i’m pleased with how things have gone today, so check out the images.

july 28                         july 28-2                          july28-3

These images show the panels with layers of texture being slowly built up, the brown is sand embedded into the still wet gesso. The first image shows the split between the two panels. This part of the build up requires a lot of faith, as the exciting part is adding colour, but if this isn’t right, then the panels wont work out.