Discontinued due to regulations

I am finding that a lot of artists and makers are bemoaning not being able to get the materials that they have previously used. In my case it applies to raw pigments, and varnish, and so age old techniques that were part of an artists palette can no longer be sourced. I know that we have to live in the world as it is today, but we are also losing something valuable. Paint used to be made up using real raw pigments, like for example Lapis lazuli, mix them with binders and fillers themselves and create their own paint, and I used to be able to buy all the materials I needed from artists supply stores, but now the word I fear most is discontinued! My most recent bereavement is polyurethane varnish, I could scream at the loss of it, apparently regulations are not allowing  the old recipe because of particulates, I have rung manufacturers and they agree that there are problems with the new recipe, but cannot help me with the problems I have now. Aaaaaaaah! 

july 28-2 My process requires a recipe using earth pigment, which I have to buy from Germany, and a varnish that is no longer made, the image is part of a layering process I have that requires build up of multiple layers. If anyone has old stock of polyurethane varnish I would be interested in taking it off your hands, seriously.

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