dreaming and admin

seems to me that so much time is spent on admin. I have just had three days of the damn stuff, and considering that monday was climbing a ******* mountain, next 3 days admin, and this morning having my usual friday morning coffee and bitching session with my friend and fellow colleague, followed by writing this blog, not much has been acheived on the work front, apart from the dreaming thing, and so I suppose you could say that much has been achieved as dreaming time is imortant to the creative process. I have some of my best ideas just around the waking or going to sleep time, granted I usually dont remember the falling asleep stuff, but the waking time I find very valuable. My friend however does her creative thinking stuff under the shower, so, whatever rocks your boat, go with it. The positive side of all this is that having subjected myself to enforced paperwork, I now have free raign to get on with my work. I’ll keep you posted, I have to go and rescue my cat from next doors bully cat.

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