I was caught looking through a book at images of earth patterns and was accused of being a geek, well! I didnt think that the title was appropriate to me and said so. However on reflection I gues I am, when I consider that I have been looking into and researching the same topic for the last 3-4 years. It all began when I was at Sunderland studying for my MA and became interested in colour in relation to landscape and became interested in our emotional responce to nature and colour for example a sunset. This gradually became an interest in such stuff as fibonatti and his mathematical codes in nature, this led to universal patterns within natural forms, and then onto patterns of the earth when created by formation such as erosion, impact, eruption, and so on, so I suppose that I am obsessed. I cant help but be facinated by the sometimes amazing shapes that are formed, over such vast distances, like a mountain range for instance, and through the eyes of modern technology like satellites we get a chance to view these earthscapes from a view point never possible a few years ago. How amazing, and of course good reason for obsession, no apologies given for being A GEEK

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