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paint and dirty fingernails

Work in progress
Work in progress

I was a mess, my studio a crash site, gesso coating my hands, and paint all over me, I hadn’t realised quite how much I like to physically get down and dirty with the materials, because I love smearing and rubbing in with my fingers. My studio is trashed, not an inch of space to put anything anywhere. I start a piece of work with a reasonably tidy space,  and then just go hell for leather, and because I use such a variety of stuff, materials, implements brushes etc, very quickly I have organised chaos. I have three panels in progress at the moment, all at various stages, so that when I am waiting for drying and setting time I can work on another piece, it also allows me to stand back from work to view with fresh eyes. Well, on reflection, there is no room to stand back!

Coming to the end of a Commission

Still to finess
Still to finesse

I am on the final track, after lots of ups and downs, and it is quite scary to think that you will be losing something that you have obsessed about for a period of time. This body of work has grown from raw materials, wood, screws, glue, primer, pigment, varnish, dutch metal(schlag). I have repainted my under painting and gilding twice, lots of time waiting for process to dry, and worst of all, leaving to get your eyes reset from looking at the work too long. The panels are now in my sitting room, so that I can get new perspective on them. Still finessing and touching up. Image is quite dull but gives an idea.