All that glisters

Having brought two panels to the gilding stage, I couldnt wait to get going, although knowing the mess that would ensue. I have yet to gild the 8’X4′ panel, that will be a challenge, and is set for today provided my schlag (imitation gold leaf) from Wrights of Lym arrive as expected. The gold has to be imitation gold as I need to tarnish the metal to create the effect I require.¬†Wrights in Cheshire, is a company I visited a few years ago on a college trip, and it was completely fascinating, in that we were told that it was one of only two places in England that still beat gold by hand, I dont know if that is still so now, as most gold is factory milled. I remember seeing the gold being melted in a crucible, and brought to a bench where a pair of beaters rythmically hammered the gold. In another room ladies were sat at tables trimming and placing leaves between tissue. This brings to mind the lovely tutor I had, Nigel Leaney, who was such an inspirational man, he taught us about paint, not you would think one of the most riviting subjects for a lecture, but amazingly it was, with magical ingredients such as lapiz lazuli, dragons blood, myrh, and many such other, he was generous with his knowledge, and of himself.¬†I must away to my studio now to check on that gold.

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