I have taken a rest from my large panels, and am working on rwo panels 1 metre square, and they are new versions of “flow”. I love these pieces as they are so expressive of the concept of landscape as a form that is hard wired into our subconscious. The form and flow work as a visual concept and as an artist actually working on the pieces the body takes on the movement and so the panel takes on the visual and the physical. Whilst work is in progress the eye, body¬†and hand engage with the mind to create the form. For me the entire mind and body are fully engaged during the initial stages, this eventually progresses to critical focus and decision making, and this is where hard work and perseverence come into force, making minute selections of texture, colour et al. Once the main body of work is created layer building and drying times start to take up a lot of time, and this is where the critical eye comes in, choosing the right placement of layer and texture, this is the place where I agonise, fall in and out of love with a piece, leave it, go back to it, rework it, and that is precicely where I am at present with at least four panels.

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